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Try Our LOADED Selection

LOADEd Burgers

LOADEd   fries

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LOADEd breakfast



Our catering services are here to make your event a delicious and memorable experience.

We offer an exclusive range of loaded breakfast burritos, fries, and burgers, all at an affordable price.

Get ready for a mouthwatering experience that will leave your guests hungry for more!

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The Original Dino's Burgers 


       Welcome to Dino's Main St - A Legacy of Flavor and Community! Established in 1968 by George and his brothers from Greece, we're THE hood burger spot serving quick-service breakfast, loaded burgers, fries, and unique grilled chicken. Join us to create lasting memories and savor an explosion of flavors that only Dino's can offer. Proudly supporting our community for over half a century.

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 The Original Dino's Burgers.

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